ready to access high levels of creativity & Innovation?

If you are a leader within an Australian organisation, you know that , like others around the world, you are facing unprecedented challenges, more complexity and reduced resources!

If you are a good leader you also know that these challenges need creative problem solving, disruptive ideas and innovation.

If you are a great leader, you understand that one of THE most difficult challenge is changing the culture of your organisation. You know that your greatest challenge is to create a culture that gives people the space, support & resources they need to truly embrace and access their most creative capabilities.

That’s where we come in.

  • What if you could create a culture that truly fostered innovation?

  • What if you could access creative ideas that lead to real innovations?

  • What if these ideas were found right there in your organisation from those who know your business and community best: your people?

Engagement and participation are two of our key capabilities.

Engagement and participation are two of our key capabilities.

We teach and facilitate the use of creative thinking tools and generative processes including embodied and aesthetic learning, idea generation tools, design thinking and creative problem solving.

We can help your teams and leaders access innovative ideas that can be rehearsed, prototyped and turned into practical and real organisational changes, services or products. 

More importantly, we help you identify what is present and what is lacking within the organisation to enhance & foster a true innovation culture so that it can thrive & be sustained beyond our work together.

OUR approach based on 4 premises

  1. WIRED TO CREATE - we are all creative, it is in our DNA.

  2. WHOLE PERSON - to access deep & true creativity we need to work with and engage the whole person: intellectual as well as the physical and aesthetic;

  3. REHEARSE/PROTOTYPE - to innovate; to see patterns & possibilities that others have not seen, we need to experiment, make mistakes, try stuff out;

  4. REFLECTION - combined with a method and action leads to transformation.

Walking & Creativity Retreat - Margaret River

Walking & Creativity Retreat - Margaret River


Our Services

We offer a range of workshops, training programs, corporate retreats and one-on-one coaching sessions to give you and your people access to more creativity, innovation & self-expression.

With over 17 years’ experience, we have helped business, government, non-government, communities & individuals access ideas to solve complex and multiple issues.

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Community Development

We use robust social change approaches and applied theatre practices to engage communities around challenging issues. We collect individual stories, facilitate expression and help your community solve problems through performance and creativity.

We can help you create community dialogue and bring your community together to help solve these issues. We are leading the way in WA in participative theatre events generating solutions from the ground up and we are helping communities get great results.

Our Retreats

In partnership with Edgewalkers we offer 4-day/3-night or 3-day/2-night opportunities to retreat to our spectacular southwest and immerse yourself & your team/friends in its natural and inspiring beauty.

We can design & facilitate a retreat to focus on your specific requirements and issues, bringing intensive workshops, opportunities to work with local artists and stimulating walks on the Cape to Cape track.

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Our Practice

one-one one coaching, teams, and in-house training on all things creativity & innovation.

You managed to successfully engage & enthral a group of 70 social workers and allied health professionals for over 2 hours. It was engaging, at times confronting, interesting and fun.
— Ben Whitehouse, District Director - Department for Child Protection