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DR Erika Jacobson

Since 2002 I have been facilitating access to increased creativity & self-expression, working with individuals, communities and organisations.

Over this time I have developed & implemented approaches that combine learning, practice and research on transformation, creativity, engagement, embodied & aesthetic techniques, and playful, arts-based practices. Specifically, my work with communities & organisations since 2007, has given me invaluable insights, not only into the most effective application of these approaches, but also into how to genuinely engage people to participate and embrace their own capacity to generate ideas, address and be part of solving complex problems.


BA Writing
Master - International & Community Development
PhD - Education - Transformative Learning


Our Office
18 Little High Street
Fremantle, 6160
+61 0406 758 062

I love spending time in the wilderness hiking…

I love spending time in the wilderness hiking…


...is based on 4 premises

  1. WIRED TO CREATE - we are ALL wired to create.

  2. WHOLE PERSON - aesthetic learning - to access true & deep creativity we need to work with and engage, the whole person. In our workshops we engage with everything from the intellectual, more structured and linear aspects of our thinking processes, to the embodied & aesthetic, non-thinking processes. This is done through the delivery methodology & techniques, as well as through the content and activities.

  3. REHEARSE/PROTOTYPE - to innovate; to see patterns that others have to seen, we need to experiment, make mistakes, rehearse and attempt what seems impossible even if it seems ridiculous. Creating prototypes and acting out scenarios are integral to the innovation process.

  4. REFLECTION - a combination of methodology, action and reflection make transformation possible. Reflection is integral to self-awareness and deep learning.