From Small Baby Steps to ... Walking

‘Creativity is something you practice not just a talent you are born with’

Wise words from IDEO design gurus David and Tom Kelley. In one of their contributions to the Harvard Business Review they talk about four fears that hinder most people from accessing ‘creative confidence’.

They blame creative blocks on four core fears: the fear of the ‘messy’ unknown, the fear of being judged, the fear of taking the first step and the fear of letting go.

3 Thoughts on Transformation - Dr Erika Jacobson

…a new self-understanding, a fresh sense of who you are and what you’re up to’ (Warren Ziegler, 1996)

The word transformation signals lofty aspirations and mystical qualities. ‘Transformative’ is frequently used to qualify practices like research, leadership, learning, practice, mediation, and change. However, through overuse and misuse the term is at risk of losing its impact and becoming as vacuous as other buzzwords like ‘empowerment’ and ‘participatory’.