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Creativity & Innovation Coaching starting at $160/hour.

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ThisThis is a fun, fearless, focused & full-on 12_week intensive program aimed at demolishing existing negative concepts about creativity & establishing a rich and sustainable creative approach to problem-solving that will enhance all areas of life, including work. 

For 3 hours a week, we will meet yo explore, play, create and push each other out of our comfort zones in order to access authentic feelings and ideas. We use body, words, sounds, movement, theatre, colour and a lot of laughter to break through to the other side of negative self-concepts like: “ I am not very creative” or “I never have good ideas” or “I’m not (______) enough”.

Participants spend time devising and rehearsing actions that will lead them to a more connected and creative life & learn to apply tools and behaviours that sustain this creative practice. We can work on real & current challenges from the personal or professional realm.

You will LOVE this course! It could seriously transform the way you approach EVERYTHING in life.

CORPORATE - bespoke dates DURATION 3 - 4 hours per week x 12 WEEKS (6 modules x 2) 8 people - max 12 First session is compulsory $2,180 per person in house ($1,090 pp x2)

PRIVATE - set dates - check our events DURATION 3 - 4 hours per week x 12 WEEKS (6 modules x 2) maximum 8 people  First session is compulsory $1,880 per person ($940 pp x 2)

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2. One-on-one consultations

$198 initial consultation - as long as it takes (max 2 hours)

$1,880/package of 12 one-on-one follow up coaching sessions (1.5 hours)

$998/package of 6 - one-on-one follow on coaching sessions -to support you through establishing a creative habit and ongoing creative practice. (1.5 hours)

$568 /package of 3 - one-on-one follow on coaching sessions - to support you through establishing a creative habit and nurture ongoing creative practices.


Creative Problem Solving is a creative thinking process that allows us to examine and tackle a problem in an imaginative and inspiring way.  Based on the research of creative thinking pioneers Alex Osborn and Sydney Parnes, CPS helps to hone in on & re-define the problem and come up with appropriate & innovative ideas and ways to put them into action. 
Learn this effective tool while applying it to an existing challenge in your own team or organisation. 
It can be used as an overarching approach complimented by numerous other divergent thinking tools.

DURATION 2 days - 6 people minimum

$580 per person/per day (in house) 
$680 per person/per day (outside venue) 


Creative thinking is a skill that involves divergent and convergent thinking processes.

Divergent thinking helps to generate ideas, to explore, to find possibilities. Convergent thinking helps to find utility and apply the ideas that are generated. It is a practical process of selection necessary for application of ideas and innovation. These processes happen naturally in our brains but can also be separated, stimulated ad accessed through a number of tools and activities.

Learn the basic concepts behind these tools and expand your organisation’s capacity for creative thinking and generating ideas - ideas that can be put into action.

- Lateral Thinking & 6 Thinking Hats 
- Attribute Listing 
- Brainstorming ...another dimension  
- Creative Problem Solving - basic concepts
- Design Thinking - basic concepts

DURATION Half-day (4 hours) for each tool $380 per person (in house) 
$480 per person (outside venue)  Minimum 6 people


A deliciously creative workshop on how to facilitate dynamic and high-energy sessions that keep everyone genuinely engaged, connected & participating

DURATION Half a day (4 hours) minimum 6 people $1,800 half day ($280 pp after 8 people - maximum 12 people)

6. ALL FOR ONE AND one for all… 

We have helped hundreds of people reconnect with their colleagues and develop a deeper and more enriching relationships at work through our workshops and retreats. That means people get on better, they enjoy being at work and they are more effective and productive. 

We have playfully (but respectfully) helped many organisations identify and subsequently deal with, tough and sensitive issues and situations.

Some of these issues include challenges in communication, assertiveness, leadership, emotional intelligence, as well as more serious issues of bullying, sexism, racism, apathy and serious conflict.

All issues are addressed and tackled while participants have fun, are safe to express themselves, enjoy being creative and bond.

DURATION  From 1 day to several months, as needed $1,800 half day/ $2,800 day  8 people minimum (max 35)   ($180 pp after 16 people)


Since 2008 I have delivered talks & presentations at conferences in Australia, New Zealand, The US and China to a range of audiences.

I talk about creativity, using arts based approaches for social change, non-verbal communication and I love igniting & engaging people on creativity, self-expression and transformation.

I can tailor a keynote to your specific needs and conference program.

Existing Keynotes:

  • Serious Play - using play & creative tools for serious problem solving

  • Our embodied landscapes - non-verbal communication

  • The path is made by walking…

Languages: English, Spanish & French

DURATION 45 - 90 mins $1,800 - $3,200